Wendy offers an incredible selection of fun products that will make you smile.

What is WeeClectics?


Hello, I'm Wendy, the proprietor of WEEclectics. Wouldn't you just know I would make up a name to suit my work......
WEEclectics is combination of products happily produced by me from recycled or re-purposed items. I am conscious of Mother Earth and in a small way hope to inspire others to recycle and  reuse items for creative new uses. WEEcletics or Wendy's Exotic Ecclectibles (WEE) is composed of three distinct product lines; the Frustrated Florist, WeeAttic and Guest Gallery. Each have their own special items. I strive to provide exemplary service and exceed your expectations for quality, timeliness and communication. I stand behind every item I make. I hope you enjoy visiting my store and are pleased with your purchases. Take a moment to browse. See how I can inspire your creative juices and bring a smile to your face. And whenever you can RECYCLE, RE-PURPOSE and REUSE. Thank you for visiting Weeclectics.