How I Got Started

My life has been fulfilled many times over. I have been married t o my college sweetheart for 42 years and we have three wonderful kids and as of this date, seven happy grandkiddos  I’m a fifteen year breast cancer survivor and have been retired nine years. Having been a full time working Mom, nurse and Scottsdale Healthcare executive for 35 years, I retired my position as Vice President of Community Stewardship in 2011. You may know me for programs such as NOAH (Neighborhood Outreach Access to Health) and the Military Training Center. I had a wonderful career at SHC now HonorHealth. All the kids have lives of their own and I needed something to keep me busy. 

In speaking with friends, I decided that I wanted to start a crafting business not knowing what I wanted to craft. But I knew that I wanted to make unique works of art for gifts. I also knew I wanted to call it Wendy's Exotic Ecclectibles. Hence WEE. While I focus mainly on my button flower arrangements, LIFETIME KEEPSAKE BOUQUETS, I have started to make corsages, pins and I 'm sure by the time this is published I will have other wonders as well. These items are found at The Frustrated Florist (IFF, like imagine if...). WeeAttic contains items for re-purposing or just fun stuff. The Guest Gallery is brand new and features good friends handmade wares. It is great to collaborate.

I knew I wanted to use items that are recycled and  re-purposed for reuse. As a biology major many years ago, I came to love our Earth and in a small way I want to contribute to its preservation.

It was really quite accidental that I started making Lifetime Keepsake Bouquets. A couple of friends and I were wandering around one of those local antique marts and happened upon a sad vase filled with five flowers in it. After closer examination, I found that the flowers were actually buttons strung on heavy coat hanger wire. I called my friend over and we both said simultaneously, '‘we could make that and we could make it better".  And so it goes Lifetime Keepsake Bouquets was born. I still have the original prototype in my living room. Over the summer we perfected our techniques and while my friends Jayme and Pat had to return to work, I just kept on making flowers. They are my staunch supporters and cheerleaders.

Now I spend my time bringing smiles to my patrons with my Lifetime Keepsake Bouquets (c). I have always had a bit of an artistic flare. My mother was an interior decorator and designer and my father, a general contractor. Together they built custom homes in the Phoenix area for 25 years as Casa Builders. Having been exposed to art at an early age and minoring in Calligraphy in college, it comes naturally that I would enjoy the same by putting my own ‘art print’ on the world.

Lifetime Keepsake Bouquets are composed of whimsical vases, some new and some vintage, filled with individually handmade flowers of buttons and beads. The fun colors and specialty buttons are great for any occasion.  I get such joy out of making each and every one of them.   

I make Lifetime Keepsake Bouquets for all occasions; new baby, wedding showers, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s. You name it. If you have a vase you would like filled with forever flowers, please let me do it for you. I love special orders.

The unique designs displayed on this website were made with love and compassion with a dash of whimsy and big helping of hope. Enjoy them, let  them put a bit of a smile on your face. After all, we all need to get those endorphins flowing.